Is it good to use a foot massage machine?

What’s better than coming back home to a very relaxing movie night while giving your feet a break from a long day through using the best foot massager? Nothing beats that feeling! As an idea, it looks like a very nice harmless thing to do. However, our bodies work in a very mysterious ways. Could foot massage machines be harmful to our health? Apparently, foot massage machines are actually good for your body since they improve blood circulation.

What are the benefits of the foot massage machines?

Although it seems like a neutral relaxing machine, foot massagers are often seen to improve and ease the symptoms of some medical conditions such as neuropathy and plantar fasciitis.

Improves blood circulation

Our feet spend a minimum of 9 hours in tight shoes. Did you ever think of exercising the muscles of your feet? We do all sorts of exercise, but our feet barely get a share of that. Foot massage machines will give your feet the blood circulation they need.

Eases joint pain

In addition to improving blood circulation, foot massagers have a protective role when it comes to ankle injuries. When they are accompanied with strength exercise, they protect your ankles from getting injured and help heal previous injuries.

Improve your mental health

The relaxation foot massagers provide has a main role in giving you a lot of peace of mind. Relaxing actually works on the chemistry of your brain and releases dopamine, the happiness hormone.

Helps with headaches

Several researches showed that people who usually suffered from headaches and migraines felt a remarkable decreases in their symptoms. A few were totally cured by regularly getting their feet massaged.

Helps people with flat feet

People with flat feet often develop pain in their heels, that would occur due to the inflammation or deterioration of the plantar fascia. Having a deep foot massage and regularly exercising should decrease the pain. Some cases may actually witness a significant improvement, such as healing the condition totally.

Eases symptoms of PMS and Menopause

As the hormonal changes lead most of women to suffer from anxiety, mood swings, tensions and many more symptoms, foot massages work perfectly on soothing these symptoms and improving them.

Prevents and eases Edema

Many pregnant women suffer from Edema as they get closer to their due dates. Edema is basically getting the feet remarkably swollen due to water retention during pregnancy. Foot massages are an effective way to prevent Edema if coupled with following the right diet and resting well.

When should you refrain from using a foot massage machine?

Foot massage machines are safe in general. They improve blood circulation and work on improving many health conditions. However, some conditions might get worse as you use foot massage machines, especially for elders with foot injuries. Therefore, we recommend you consult a doctor before using one of these machines, especially if you suffer from diabetes, or any injuries in the foot itself. You also need to be careful not to apply the massager to any are with skin injuries or inflammations.