Are food kits healthy and safe to use?

Meal delivery is now very common everywhere that are ready to deliver to you any where you stay. Even celebrities are getting in on the act, with Tom Brady offering his own personal version. It really doesn’t matter much whether the delivery is already made food or raw. It feels really great to make orders of what you want and they are delivered right at your doorstep. If however, you are making orders that include poultry or seafood in them, you could be at the risk of food borne illness.

How Safe are Food Prep Kits?

A Rutger University professor in 2017 food safety summit gathered 169 home meal kits were analyzed and it was discovered that despite being really cold packed, there were pathogens still present. Many of the food delivered, especially the meat and seafood are packaged at a temperature of above 40 degree, making it a little unsafe.

Some of the major problems is as a result of the time duration between the removal from the refrigerator to when it is delivered to the house. We actually reviewed some of these instances in the past – food 4 patriots Scams Reviewed by Many deliveries are made but not opened for close to 8 hours. For some people by the time the pack is opened, the items are almost thawing as a result of heat.

According to FDA, perishable foods that are kept out for more than 2 hours would have started developing some microbial activity. The most important temperature is to keep your food hot up to 140 degree or at 40 degree and lower.

The safety of the delivery kit is questioned as a result of this. However, some people have argued that it is not necessarily the delivery kits but the people who do not use or open the kits for a long time. There is also an issue of the delivery not made early enough to combat this issue. Lets be clear, you wont know how long the food has stayed off the refrigerator before it got to your residence. So the Delivery takes the blame when delivery is not made early.  After keeping the food for that long there is also a high tendency that the Nutritional value would have started depleting.  So, it’s vital to go with a company with a good reputation and one that is known for delivering on time or early.

Hopefully these tips were beneficial and enlightening regarding the safety of food kits.  If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!