Facts about water filters and water purification

Pure water was one thing that was very commonly available everyone. Because of the industrialization and other human activities, it has become really hard to find pure water. Water has become so contaminated that is needs to be subjected to certain processes to make it edible. Even though there are a lot of ways purify water, the water filter is the go-to option for most of them. The use of water filters in the households has tremendously increased in the past decade.

Everyone always has this confusion of deciding on what brand of water filters should we go for. Check out the whole house water filter buying guide to have a full understanding and better ideas about water filters. Here are some facts about water filters.

The accessibility

This is one fact that will make you raise your eyebrows at the same time make you sad. 25% of the world’s population has no access to the water filtration. That means they do not have access to pure drinking water. This really is alarming, and the percentage is like to grow in the future. It is high time that we give more importance of conserving the water bodies that are the source of drinking water.

Not just purification

It is really a shock, if we get into the details of water purification. There are tons of pollutants that not just contaminate water but also affect human health in a very bad way. The filtration process also prevents harmful chemicals such as aluminum and other elements reaching us. The words water purification does sound simple, but it really is a very complicated process.

Saving lives


As you read these words, there is a child in the corner of the world who has died because of not having access to pure water. It is because of this reason the governments have started using the portable water filtration systems. So that it could reach people and everyone can have access to pure water.

Pure water and human beings

Pure water is mandatory for the proper functioning of the human body. The human brain which is 75% of water requires a constant supply of water for a flawless functioning. The human immune system has the ability to protect us against certain bacteria and infections. But there are certain microbes such as the E-Coli bug that causes diarrhea and other stomach infections. These microbes are mostly spread by contaminated food and contaminated water.

Pure water and hydration

It is a very simple fact. One can live without food for 3 to 4 weeks. But no can survive without water for more than a week. It is because the body gets dehydrated and it starts affecting the basic functions of our body. Pure water is needed for hydration of human body because contaminated water causes diarrhea and other stomach infections which dehydrate the body instantly.