Medical Advances that are Helping Spinal Surgeons in 2018

Everybody knows that spinal injuries have become a common problem in today’s world. The spinal surgeons are supposed to operate this problem accurately so that the patient may recover from the problem properly. The good news is that there are now multiple resources available that spinal surgeons can use to provide a better and accurate treatment to their patients. Today, we are going to talk about medical advances that have made the lives of spinal surgeons very easy.

The spinal surgeons had to face a lot of trouble when operating spinal issues in the past. Sometimes, they were unable to find the real reason behind the spine injury and sometimes, they were unable to decide the right treatment for the patients due to wrong measurements. The medical technologies have now made it easier for them to choose the right treatment for the patients.

Those who have visited a local spine surgeon in NJ in the past decade know that the spine surgeons have now become very advanced. This is just because of the tools that they have nowadays. Here is the information about medical advances that are helping spinal surgeons in 2018.

The real-time inspection

The surgeons were supposed to wait for a few days to get the results of several inspections in the past. Most of the times, the patients had to feel a lot of problem during this time. But now the surgeons have become a lot advanced with the tools that they have available in their clinics.

Now, they can easily inspect the issue in the real-time and they can easily suggest an accurate treatment to the patients so that they may recover from the problem as soon as possible.

Inversion therapy

The inversion therapy is also considered to be the part of the medical industry because it has also played a vital role in improving the spinal health. The patients are now suggested to use the inversion tables so that they may feel comfortable while improving their spinal health. The inversion tables are available with different features that they can be helpful in different circumstances. Therefore, you should try to make use of inversion therapy if you are suffering from a spine injury.


The use of titanium has become very common in the spine surgery. The surgeons now use the bolts, plates, wires, hooks, screws, rods, and cages that are made of titanium. The benefit of using this material is that doesn’t cause any kind of problem when MRI and CT imaging is under process.

In the past, the stainless steel was used for the spine surgery but it had caused a lot of problem in the MRI and CT imaging. Therefore, the surgeons have stopped using the stainless steel. Click Here and find more information about medical advances that are helping spinal surgeons in 2018.