Audrey’s Room

Welcome back to our spring cleaning! :) Little girl’s rooms are like magnets for clutter I think. And I have learned that no one in my family functions very good in clutter. We like things simplified. I did a major purge in Audrey’s room. Not only did it get deep cleaned but it got thinned out too. It desperately needed it!

Here is her before. Not too crazy but really cluttered. She likes to shove papers and odds and ends in places when she “cleans.” And hey, she does pretty good for a 4 year old so I am not complaining. At least she tries. And I have learned that each of my children has different styles when it comes to how they want to keep their rooms. I am okay with that as long as its semi-clean. Sometimes it just needs a Momma deep clean. :)

Here’s her after. I went through all of her clothes, toys, dolls, and books. Really paired down to what she needed.

I stripped every linen and washed on the sanitize cycle. Then I vacuumed under and behind everything. Then I gave it a good steam clean too.

I use these Shaklee cleaning products to clean our carpets:

Nature Bright stain remover

Basic H2

Basic G {Germicide}

They really make our carpets look nice and vibrant. I have been using this on them for 3 years.

Here’s her after. She couldn’t wait to get in there and play! :) Kids love when they have clean rooms! :) And the best part…everything I used to clean was safe and non-toxic. I don’t have to worry about my kids getting sick from cleaning products.

Here’s her before. You can tell she has brothers with the rubber snakes. ;) Little girls have lots of little things I have discovered. Lots of accessories. :) It is fun!

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